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News: Latest news around TCPA and also site-specific news.

First, what is TCPA: Tries to shortly describe what's TCPA. It's especially done to show you the most fatal disadvantages and that the effects would substantially even more serious that you would believe at first. (Last updated on 31.12.2002)

What are you guys doing: Tells you why someone unselfishly invests time and money and how we want to move something.

Forum: Our discussion forum. Here we talk aout anything related to TCPA. You will find the AgainstTCPA-Admins here, too. (Forum added on 18.12.2002)

TCPA-FAQ: Ross Andersons really great written FAQ about this subject. Already available in many languages. This should be the real "has to read" for everyone that has to do something with computers/internet. If you've read this, you know why.

TCPA-Members: The last known list of the TCPA-Members...

And what can I do: Is it possible to do something against this system before it's too late? First devices with TCPA-compliant chips are delivered by the companies. It will take some time to be able to get the final answer. But at least at this time we have the chance to do something against. We have to concentrate on: Informing the masses about this and not only the geeks. These know this anyway.

Users against TCPA: Everyone that has doubts about TCPA can enter hisself into this list. From time to time we will send this list to all companies that're offering or're planning to offer TCPA-Systeme/Hardware/Software to show them that we will not accpet them.

Webmasters against TCPA: Sure the strongest power of the internet are the webmasters. These are in the position to reach and inform millions of peaople every day. It doesn't matter what your site looks like, which language it is or how many visitors it has. What matter is that you can be sure that you've done something against.

Impressum/Contact: Who's behind all this and how you can contact.

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