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Creativity and originality are two driving forces behind the work we do, here at Virtual Sky Media Group. As well as the freedom and productivity that comes with the use of GNU / Linux.

Take your time and visit the many sites we've developed for your use and enjoyment.

Be sure to visit our Linux On CDs library to save yourself hours of download time. Also stop by Dave's Desktop to learn about some of the great everyday things you can do with your Linux PC.

15/04/03 - Added Linux Office trio CD to our Linux On CD library. This CD includes Open Office 1.0.3, Hancom Office 2.0.2, and Abi Word 1.0.5

14/04/03 - Update to Dave's desktop has been posted today. This week's topic: using mail merge with Open Office Writer

06/04/03 - New ALT Linux Review is now available. We're very impressed with this little known distro., and here's some comments that we hope you'll find useful. Read the review HERE

01/04/03 - New Links Added to the Linux listings found on Dave's Desktop web site. Links include new sources for software and user forums.

27/03/03 - NEW CDs ADDED to our Linux On CDs library. As of this week, Linux distributions, Mandrake 9.1 and Alt Linux Junior 2.2, have been made available to the public. We're proud to offer these qualtiy products to you to make your Linux experience more enjoyable. Save yourself hours of download time and purchase these new releases on CD.

27/03/03 - NEW SITE LAYOUT has been posted to make your visit to the Virtual Sky Network more pleasurable. All of our web sites are still linked to our main page, but done in a more organized and professional manner.

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