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Welcome to the Free Software Support Group page

Welcome to the Free Software Support Group, a group of individuals dedicated to the promotion of Free (as in freedom) software as outlined by the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Manifesto.

First of all though, let us point out that there is absolutely no connection between us and the Open Source Initiative. Hence, this domain name was not chosen with the purpose to refer directly or indirectly to the Open Source Initiative but rather to point towards the availability of the source code that accompanies software released under the GNU/GPL license as well as other relative licenses issued by the GNU group and the Free Software Foundation and NOT anyone else!

Therefore, from this point onwards, we will be reffering to software released under the GNU/GPL, as Free Software and NOT Open Software in order to avoid conflict of terms between the two groups and confusion among the visitors of our page, who we also encourage to use the term Free Software.

What is this page all about?

This page is mainly about presenting alternative solutions to people who use or pay for "proprietary" and closed-source software, in the broader sense. By that, we mean software released under restrictive licenses, which do not allow its free redistribution and modification.

This page will also try to serve as a support documentation database, built on user's reviews and experiences around Free software and open source applications, which could of course prove really important to a person that requires information.

From time to time we will also be posting articles, that express our opinions on various issues, relating to free software but at the same time extending to the association of free software to social, ethical and other issues. Don't worry, we'll try not to bore you to death :)

At this point, we would also like to point out that any experience you may have really matters to us, as well as other people who seek support or would like to read a review on an open source product and get a second opinion. Thus, we are always waiting to read any articles you may have to submit and of course give you proper credit!

To contact us please write to pgalatisATpromote-opensourceDOTorg with anything you might want to share with us. Since you popped in, you can also take some time to visit the OpenOpen forums and speak your mind or ask any questions you may have, at least until this page has its own forums, which will not be long. Do not also forget to visit the OpenOpen page, which is our affiliated site, as well as read the FAQs, for more information on who we are and were we are going.

Finally, feel free to edit this page's source code, as well as redistribute and share any review or article posted here, PROVIDED that you keep the copyright and permissions notice intact, and that you notify the author of the respective article!

News and Updates to the site

March 2nd 2003: The page is now up and running and should be fully functional, for you to navigate. If you have any suggestions that you'd like to share with us, please sign our guestbook or write to the Webmaster. The page will continue to be updated, when time allows it, with more content. Thank you for being patient :)

Several changes are taking place concerning the final "looks" of this page. As always we would also appreciate your feedback on that issue as well! Additionaly, a few more articles are being prepared as well as a section with tips on using GNU/Linux, so once again stay tuned.

March 3rd 2003: I've given a lot of thought as to whether I should include tutorials regarding free software and Mac OS X for, since the latter is not a completely free OS, in the sense that only Darwin, its core, is partly open source and not free software. I finally decided though, that users of Mac OS X, including myself, do have a really vast spectrum of alternative free software titles that they can install on their Macs as counterparts to closed-source software.

Hence, Mac OS X, could prove to be an ideal platform for people to discover and experiment with free software. Consequently, it is my decision to include some tutorials for OS X users who would like to experiment with free software, as was written above.

April 10th 2003: David from Virtualsky.net was kind enough to share a review of Alt-Linux, a small Linux distro, with us which you can read in our reviews section. For more Linux reviews and tutorials, visit Dave's page, by following the link above.

Thanks David ;)

April 11th 2003: A new page was added today, which contains a small script that will help you calculate (estimate) the time needed for you to download a file of any size, using literally any type of connection! Many thanks to Peter from OpenOpen for sharing it with us. Our links will be updated shortly to also contain this page.

Search the Google directory through our page

As of today you can also perform a full Google search through our page, so there's really no need in going to Google's page. You can also search through our own pages (see below). Hope it proves of some use.


Search through our pages

Use the simple form in our Search Page to search for any articles or reviews that have been posted in our pages. Keep in mind that you have the options of separating your keywords with an "AND" or an "OR" value, as well as do a case sensitive or insensitive search. Just a small script in case you need help.

A few words about this page

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