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NOTE: inner whitespace is significant.
(*) Some derivatives only apply to certain collections.

Derivatives for Movies Items

If your source file is format: . . . then we will try to derive the following formats:
Animated GIF Cinepack h.264 h.264 720P MP3 MPEG2 Ogg Video SubRip Thumbnail Video Index
3GP [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
56Kb QuickTime [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
64Kb MPEG4 [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
64Kb QuickTime [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
256Kb MPEG4 [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
256Kb QuickTime [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
512Kb MPEG4 [movies] [movies]
Cinepack [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
DivX [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
DV Video [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Flash Video [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
FLV 400k [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
h.264 [movies]
h.264 HD [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
h.264 MPEG4 [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
h.264/MPEG2-TS [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies] [movies]
ISO Image [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
IV50 [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
LinkTV FLV (512k) [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Matroska [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Motion JPEG [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Movie Frames [movies]
MPEG1 [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies] [movies]
MPEG2 [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies] [movies]
MPEG2-TS [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies] [movies]
MPEG4 [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
MPEG4 1.5Mbps [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Ogg Theora [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Ogg Video [movies] [movies] [movies] [movies]
QuickTime [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
QuickTime 1.5Mbps [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
QuickTime 1Mbps [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Real Media [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
WebM [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]
Windows Media [movies] [movies] [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies]          (*) [movies] [movies]

Additional info on audio/video derivatives

Advanced techniques and help

To remove and/or prevent a particular derivative format

If for some reason, you prefer to not have your item create the derivative of one or more formats, you can upload to your item a special "rules" named "_rules.conf". That file should be a text file, with a single line of each format to disallow.

So, for example, to make (all videos in) a video item *not* create our "Animated GIF" and "h.264" formats, you would upload "_rules.conf" containing the following:

To prohibit *just* video and audio derived formats that are "lossy" (eg: mp3, ogg, mp4, ogv) you would upload "_rules.conf" containing the following:

To prohibit *all* derived formats, you would upload "_rules.conf" containing the following:

To make any previously created derivatives "disappear" after adding or updating a "_rules.conf" file to an item, use the "Item Manager" link to submit a "derive" task (which will remove the undesired derivatives). (Find the "Edit Item" link in the upper right of your item while you are logged in, click "change the information" link, click the "Item Manager" link near the top of that page, then hit the "derive" button).