A succinct look at Medicare supplement plans

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 of insurance policies re health insurance. They are known also by another name as Medigap. These are available or can be bought from private insurance companies who help in paying the health care costs that the Traditional Medicare fails to cover and such details include copayments, deductibles or coinsurance.


Medicare supplement plans policies also include certain Original Medicare benefits that it fails to cover such as the foreign travel and emergency expenses. The Medigap does not offer health coverage costs such as HMOs or PPOs of Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug plans as stand-alone Medicare, health coverage union/ employee group, Tricare or Medicaid. The insurance companies also cannot sell a Medigap policy to people owning the Medicare Advantage plan or Medicaid coverage.


Learning about Medicare supplement plans and policies means you must know the exact basics that it covers:


Medicare supplement plans what is it?

Medicare supplement plans refer to health insurance for:

  • People more than 65 years or older
  • People with certain disabilities and are under 65 years
  • Any age people suffering with EDRD (End stage renal disease) or kidney failure permanently requiring kidney transplant or dialysis.


Medicare different parts

The different Medicare parts covering services:


Part A Medicare (Hospital Insurance) helps covering

  • In hospitals as inpatient care
  • Home health care, hospice and skilled nursing facility


Part B Medicare medical insurance helps covering

  • Health care providers and doctors services, medical equipment, outpatient hospital care and home health care.
  • Preventive services to assist maintaining certain illness and health from getting worse.


Part C Medicare (Medicare Advantage) helps covering

  • Includes Part A and B covered benefits and services
  • Operated by private insurance companies
  • Inclusion may be an extra cost for additional services and benefits
  • Includes usually Part D Medicare coverage for prescription drug


Part D Medicare (Prescription Drug) covers

  • Outpatient prescription drugs cost
  • Private insurance companies Medicare-approved
  • Lowers the costs of prescription drug and safeguards spending high even in the future.


Medicare supplement plans are best to be taken when you are eligible. This confirms that you get enrolled at your eligible age to qualify 65 years. This is also the time for open enrollment allowing you six months time. It means apart from the birthday month, you also get 3 months before and after to sign up for the insurance plans. Enrolling later, after the enrollment period means you pay penalty all your life.